Welcome to 
My Song Within!
This has long been a place for you to find unusual, hand crafted, Christian greeting cards for all occasions, and that will continue to be true; however changes are in the works.
The "look and style" of the cards I create has changed over the past year, and an update is upcoming. I hope you will come back and take a peak at what's new and what's different about the cards you will find here.
As always, the messages will based on Scripture as it is my prayer that whoever receives one of my cards will be blessed and encouraged.  
I've begun adding new styles with more to come. This new
line of cards will all be slightly smaller than is the usual ~
a fun size that has been well received!
 (Shown above are a couple of my new cards - size, 4 1/4 X 4 7/8)
Thank you for visiting My Song Within!